Our core product the All-Season Cot Quilt

We've had many people ask us about our all-season cot quilts, so here's a little information about what our quilts are made of and why we love them so much!

Our quilt designs are created with 100% thick, luxuriously soft cotton covers with a built-in fibrefill, providing a very comfortable, breathable and safe quilt for your.

The polyester fibrefill does not create dust as it is resistant to dust mites and in non-allergenic. So perfect for asthma or allergy sufferers. 

Each quilt has safe Velcro openings if an additional quilt insert is required for cooler climates. 

Prints are specially hand-painted by Australian artists and are kept gender neutral. Our designs are simple yet elegant so can be styled with a range of decor and toys to create a unique and adventurous nursery. 

... and the most important part for all parents: It is machine washable! Practical and beautiful xx

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